Natalie Shuttleworth – Charitable Gift Annuity

An experienced backcountry hiker, Natalie Shuttleworth has had many exciting encounters with wildlife, including grizzly bears in Glacier National Park and Canada's Yukon Territory.

"Our campsite in the Yukon was alongside a small stream where our trail continued on the opposite shore," recalls Natalie. "When we spotted the grizzly ambling down that trail toward our campsite, we sent up a flare hoping to send him in another direction. He moved downstream a bit, but kept heading our way. Once he crossed the stream however, and got a whiff of our camp, he quickly took off in the opposite direction," laughs Natalie. "He was only about three years old, and wanted nothing to do with us!"

A longtime supporter of Defenders, Natalie is also a member of our Wildlife Legacy Society, a special group of people who have expressed their commitment to protecting wildlife by including Defenders in their estate plans. Natalie has already established four charitable gift annuities with Defenders, helping to safeguard imperiled wildlife for many years to come. "Charitable gift annuities provide an immediate tax deduction, which is like directing some of my tax dollars to conservation. And with guaranteed lifetime income to me," says Natalie, "gift annuities are both an investment in my own future and the wildlife I care about."

In addition to her legacy support, Natalie is also a committed Defenders activist who has worked tirelessly to end Idaho's wolf hunt. Through her activism and her generosity, Natalie is proof positive that one person can make a difference.

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Let Us Know

Bequests left to Defenders are crucial to our ability to protect imperiled species and their habitats for generations to come. Have you included Defenders in your will or other estate plans?