Leigh Ann Rassler – Bequest

Leigh Ann Rassler started planning her legacy for wildlife several years ago when she included a bequest to Defenders ofWildlife in her will.

"I had always had a passion for wildlife, and joined Defenders shortly after visiting Yellowstone for the first time in the summer of 1992," says Leigh. "Defenders' representatives were collecting signatures to bring gray wolves back to the greater Yellowstone ecosystem. This was my chance to be involved in something I cared about, and I was thrilled when I heard the news that the wolves were coming back."

Leigh's undergraduate degree is in biology, and though she had planned to pursue graduate studies on the effects of bear hibernation on the aging process, other demands intervened.

Currenrly the director of marketing and communications for a chamber ofcommerce in her home state of Florida, Leigh continues to work on behalf of wildlife wherever possible. Last June for instance, Leigh included Defenders in the premiere of the movie Twilight Saga: Eclipse in a large multiplex theater. The premiere benefitted wolves and local wildlife sanctuaries.

Leigh, who also travels extensively in her work, is a wonderful ambassador for Defenders whenever the opportunity arises.

"Although I support more than one conservation group," says Leigh, "Defenders does have a special place in my heart because of their work to help wolves and other wildlife that need our protection. I made a bequest to Defenders because I want to ensure the legacy entrusted to us is around for future generations."

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Let Us Know

Bequests left to Defenders are crucial to our ability to protect imperiled species and their habitats for generations to come. Have you included Defenders in your will or other estate plans?