Tiese and Bob Quinn – Bequest & Charitable Gift Annuity

Tiese and Bob Quinn's love of the wilderness has led them on many horseback trips through the Golden Trout Wilderness, South Sierra Wilderness, and Dome Land Wilderness. At one point they owned a pack station where they brought clients into the wilderness on horses and mules. They also helped injured hikers and those poorly equipped for the terrain or changeable weather.

But it was their concern for wolves and other imperiled wildlife that led Tiese and Bob to Defenders, which they joined in 2003. New members to our President's Council, they have been members of our Wildlife Legacy Society since 2004, when they decided to include plans in their estate to secure a brighter future for America's wildlife.

"At first we simply included Defenders as a beneficiary in our will," says Tiese. "Then we started establishing charitable gift annuities with Defenders—we already have seven—to help build up our future retirement income. These annuities are a win-win benefit for us and the wildlife we cherish."

Raised in an Air Force family, Tiese has traveled much of the world, but has a special love for the American West. Today she and Bob, along with their Australian shepherds, Outlaw Josey Wales and Rowdy Yates, live in Ojai, California. They manage their own business, and with their teenage son Jake, travel as often as possible to destinations that keep them close to nature, often on a 3-person Santana tandem bicycle.

Tiese is very respectful of the Native American blood she inherited through her father's family. "wolves are my totem," she says, describing the spirit animal helpers that impart faithfulness, inner strength, and intuition as adopted by Native American tribes.

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Let Us Know

Bequests left to Defenders are crucial to our ability to protect imperiled species and their habitats for generations to come. Have you included Defenders in your will or other estate plans?